Democratization in un security council

Democratization in un security council

Indonesia underlines the need for a democratization of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) by among others putting an end to the misuse of the veto right of its members.

“The practice of misusing the veto right by the permanent members of the UNSC that often paralyzed the council must no longer be allowed,” Indonesian foreign minister Hassan Wirajuda told the 63rd UN General Assembly (UNGA) meeting here on Saturday (local time).

Democratization is one of the aspects that Indonesia has paid its attention to in the meeting besides issues of food crisis and climate change.

Hassan said state sovereignty had to be protected if the world wants to see the spirit of democracy in international relations.

“This is important because without democracy a world organization like the UN will not be effective,” he said.

“The failure of the Security Council so far in dealing with various challenges to global security was the result of its being still undemocratic,” he said.

The minister said to make the Security Council more democratic, the exercise of a veto by the UN permanent members must be regulated.

So far only the permanent members have a vetoright, namely the US, the UK, France, Russia and China.