Industrial sector growth

Industrial sector growth

The growth of industrial sector is followed by trade and services sector, particularly those locate in the cities. The trade activities showed an increasing trend, 6% per annum and non-oil & gas export increased 8%. Meanwhile, the export volume and value of trade and services are led to the enhancement of service capability and ability to fulfill the standard of services related to the sectoral needs and it is expected to play as a regional economic locomotive.

There are several investment opportunities that can be optimised, such as agro-industry, manufacturing, services, tourism, and construction. Besides supported by complete infrastructure and huge natural resources, the province provides skilled and educated labor.

Geographically, the West Java province is situated between 5°50 – 7°50 South Latitude and 104°48 108°48 East Longitude.

The government administration is set into 22 Regencies/administrative cities, classified into 16 regencies and 6 administrative.

The largest is regency Sukabumi (3,160.51 sq km) and the smallest is Kota Cirebon (36.97 sq km).

The average rainfall ranges between 1,431 – 4,539 mm/year and its temperature varies between 15°C – 31°C.